Frequently asked questions.

How will a branded help me increase booking and at my business?

With a dedicated branded app, your customers’ experience with your business is easy—they’re one click away from booking and buying your services and products. MANOR businesses who have branded apps have seen an increase in bookings and sales.

The most effective way for your customers to learn about your branded app is to hear about it directly from you and your staff. We’ll provide you with a unique link you can send to them via SMS text, where customers will be directed to download the app.

How will my customers know about my branded app?  Will MANOR help me market it?

Nope! MANOR Software was built to be very user friendly, simple to use.  We handle all the technical stuff - from updates to the platform to updates to your app, we have you covered!

A push notification is a message that you write and send from your branded app dashboard that will go out to everyone who has your branded app installed and has agreed to receive your messages. The messages appear directly on a user's app home screen. When a customer interacts with the notification, they’re taken directly into your app. We've seen MANOR Software businesses use push notifications successfully to promote services, seasonal promotions, special offers, deals and discounts for loyal customers.

Your branded app will be completely designed to match your business colors, logos and images. Our team collaborates closely with you to make it uniquely yours, and customized to meet your business needs. You can add the navigation tabs you need, such as a section to showcase your promotions, links to social media and your classes, appointment, workshops or training tabs based on your business offerings.

Our goal is to get your app published in iTunes as soon as your business is ready for the app. That takes close collaboration with you and with our onboarding specialists. We'll need to coordinate design, your business logo, your business images and anything else we can use to give you a completely branded experience.

How customized is the app to my business?

How long to I have to wait until my app is live in the app store?

What are push notification, and how do I use them?

Do I need a tech background?